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Bloody Hand Palm Prints Horror Halloween Shower Curtain

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Bloody Hand Palm Prints Halloween Horror Shower Curtain

Description: High Quality Shower Curtain With Hooks


Shower curtain Size A: Measures Approximately 60"(Width) X 72"(Length),150Cm X 180Cm.

Shower curtain Size B: Measures Approximately 66"(Width) X 72"(Length),165Cm X 180Cm.

Shower curtain Size C:Measures Approximately 72"(Width) X 72"(Length),180Cm X 180Cm.

Shower curtain Size D:Measures Approximately 72"(Width) X 80"(Length),180Cm X 200Cm.

Shower curtain Size E:Measures Approximately 36"(Width) X 72"(Length),90Cm X 180Cm.